Late-night Tokyo

                                             Restaurant & Telephone booth

                                        Karaoke & Rain & CM truck vehicle


COMME des GARCONS December 2012 Others

Holiday explosion by TARO OKAMOTO COMME des GARCONS
La Foret Harajuku
                                                                  sibuya 109

                                                       Louis Vuitton Omotesanndo



A noren is cloth to hang down as the outside and an internal partition at the entrance of the building and room of Japan.
The noren is raised at the entrances of the store, and a name, a business name or a family coat of arms are often dyed. Originally it is thought that I prevent that direct wind and light enter and do it when "against cold" and was attached with an opening. I have the purpose I am hard to be able to see the inside frankly from the outside, and to do.




 幼少時代はロンドンに在住しクラシックに親しむ。大学卒業後、渡辺文男をはじめ、数多くのグループで演奏。'77年にはフランク・ウェス(Ts)と共演したリーダー・アルバム『OLD FOLKS』'01年2ndアルバム『BIG SMILE』をリリース。'02年発刊『ジャズ批評』の「ピアノ・トリオ最前線」では、多くの世界的ピアニストが挙げられる中、僅かな日本人ピアニストとして選出され、「実力者として信頼される名手」と絶大な評価を得る。また、加藤登紀子、 小野リサのピアニスト、アレンジャーとして活躍する。現在自己トリオ、峰厚介クィンテットの他、写真家、五海裕二とのコラボレーションなど、新境地を開拓する。


銀座 LIVE !!

銀座TACT    T.B.R. ライブ決定!!

T.B.R. (Teddy Boys Review)

メンバー構成:Vo.Gtr.×2  Ba. Dr.  5mens

1970年代中ごろの学生時代に結成した Teddy Boys がルーツ。
その後30年の時が過ぎ、大人のバンド Teddy Boys Review として再結成。
バンドの名前 Review は復習やおさらいという意味のほかに、
歌やダンスを意味する Revue をかけている。
レパートリーは1970年代のロックを中心に Beatles, Eagles 等や
OLD R&Bのスタンダード曲をカバーしている。

そんな T.B.R. の演奏を銀座の老舗ライブハウス TACT で聴いてみませんか!!

     銀座TACT 公式H.P.

銀座タクト  中央区銀座6-9-15タクトワンビルB1F
              TEL 03-3571-3939

11月1日(木)  18:20 開場  19:00 開演  ¥2,500 / 1drink
                            19:00~         津軽三味線
                            19:30~21:30 T.B.R.    2ステージ 


Good morning Tokyo

    The morning of Sunday.
    The town still lies down. 
     Audi showed interest in Kabuki.
     The 4, Ginza crossing where a lot of people always come and go.
     A shop of Armani in Omotesando.

     Marche is held in front of the United Nations University headquarters at an end a week.(Aoyama)
     Alley of Ginza 1

     Alley of Ginza 2

     Alley of Ginza 3 


Louis Vuitton & Kusama

I came across splendid collaboration in Ginza.
Who would imagine fusion of Louis Vuitton and Kusama? 
It was a totally few pair in my idea.
However, I think that I am very splendid.
How do you think?




The HOOTERS second shop opened in Ginza.

When the shutter of the orange opens, stairs to go up to the second floor appear. Here is an entrance to HOOTERS GINZA.

Pretty young ladies wait for my visit in the second floor.

If anything, it is the restaurant which a man is pleased with, but a party is planned for women.
What kind of; is had a party?
I am interested very much. I want to infiltrate!


Unconscious pose

While an old man and a youth watch a show window, they take the same pause.
 I am laughable!!
A youth is my son, and an old man is a person not to know.

The place is in front of Omotesando Hills in Harajuku Omotesando.


The July 7 Star Festival

The day when a lover (Vega and Altair) dates

In the woman weaver (しゅくじょ) star called Vega of Lyra, it was thought with the star where work, the Altair (けんぎゅう) star called Altair of the eagle (I) seat controlled work of the agriculture of the sewing. Because these two stars seemed to be brilliant most across the Milky Way on July 7 in the old calendar, the day of one chance meeting and a thought, a Star Festival story were born for one year.


Which cafe do you go to?

It is a cafe around Omotesando.
There are more unusual cafes,
I rode the photograph of the cafe which I was worried about when I took a walk on last Sunday.