Festival of the Shinto shrine

It is a festival of "ohkunitama-jinjya".
Three festivals occurred at the same time.

It is the famous Shinto shrine in the suburbs of Tokyo.

It is an event to celebrate 3 years old, 5 years old, 7 years old.
Various branches form a line on the approach to a shrine.

The shop which sells an aspect

The shop which sells a yoyo
The ball which water is in inside
It is a punching ball.

Candy such as the cotton

It is wrapped an apple in candy

「やきそば」 Japanese style chow mein


Walk of the morning

The early-morning walk is fun.
Atmosphere is clear and feels green close.
There are noon and scenery different at night.
I strolled in Harajuku, Omotesando, Aoyama.

This shop sells the old clothes of young people.

It is a Japanese curio shop.
This shop is popular with foreign tourists.

You can buy many kinds of "condoms" here.

It is a popular hair salon.

The first floor under the ground is a surf shop.
The second floor is legendary hair salon 「studio V

It is pretty barricades.


Dusk of Kyoto

Time to change at night from noon.
What will you express it with in English?
I am Japanese and say "Youguredoki".
However, I like expression to be called "the time when the devil shines".
A time before a good "night party" beginning from now on.
It is the time when various imagination flashes across a head.

Tower of Yasaka of dusk

The Western-style shop is Japanese-style in some way

Neon signboard of a wine shop

The dentist is like that in Kyoto, too.

The appearance is Lawson of the Kyoto version


Do you know Kyoto?

Kyoto is the place where there are a lot of historic temples.
In addition, there is unique culture in Kyoto.
I introduce geisha, red-light district Pontocho, Machiya, Shimizu Hill from that.
n the red-light district that there is from Pontocho old days, a lot of geisha and maiko are bystreets to be.
There is a shop of the Italian food in such a town, and a wave of the globalization flocks.
t is a dance hall in Pontocho.
People gather before the raising of the curtain.
Two people of the face powder of the right depths are maiko.
This is Machiya. A frontage is have a long depths narrowly made.
It is the restaurant of the crab dish.
The foot of the crab is electrically operated and moves.
It is a historical eel restaurant.
It is a historical sukiyaki restaurant.
It is a souvenir shop in Kodai-ji Temple.
It is a tea house in Kiyomizu-dera Temple.

A slope following Kiyomizu-dera Temple is the place where old cityscape is left.

"It is one of such slopes Ninnen-zaka Walk".