My favorite DIESEL

I am after a long absence and introduce one's accessory.
It is a wallet of the diesel and a belt and a bracelet.

The belt is a very basic type.

I chose the bracelet from red and white and mint green.
The work which pulled skin in a star is cool.

The wallet was colored black, mustard elsewhere,
and there were blue, red.



Do all of you like yellow?
I do not like original frank talk very much.
However, I can direct a stylish feeling depending on a color.
I collected such photographs.


To world picture collector

Japanese painter "Seiichi Aoki" who draws a French landscape.
It is south France a Japanese feels it, and to draw.
The person with the interest give me an email to Nob.

A private exhibition is holding it in Ginza, Tokyo!
From 4 to 12 on February in 2012