Shibuya 109

This year 「after school」 for a cylinder advertisement
As for the 「少女時代」 for an advertisement
Many stars appear from this 109

Japanese girl 「beni」 does its best on 109 stages, too

Please listen!


Christmas comes over !!

The town begins preparations for Christmas soon.
There was a big disaster, but I matched power together and lived this year.
I want to reach Christmas with hope of the next year.
I want to thank for the warm heart of world all of you.


Festival of the Shinto shrine

It is a festival of "ohkunitama-jinjya".
Three festivals occurred at the same time.

It is the famous Shinto shrine in the suburbs of Tokyo.

It is an event to celebrate 3 years old, 5 years old, 7 years old.
Various branches form a line on the approach to a shrine.

The shop which sells an aspect

The shop which sells a yoyo
The ball which water is in inside
It is a punching ball.

Candy such as the cotton

It is wrapped an apple in candy

「やきそば」 Japanese style chow mein


Walk of the morning

The early-morning walk is fun.
Atmosphere is clear and feels green close.
There are noon and scenery different at night.
I strolled in Harajuku, Omotesando, Aoyama.

This shop sells the old clothes of young people.

It is a Japanese curio shop.
This shop is popular with foreign tourists.

You can buy many kinds of "condoms" here.

It is a popular hair salon.

The first floor under the ground is a surf shop.
The second floor is legendary hair salon 「studio V

It is pretty barricades.


Dusk of Kyoto

Time to change at night from noon.
What will you express it with in English?
I am Japanese and say "Youguredoki".
However, I like expression to be called "the time when the devil shines".
A time before a good "night party" beginning from now on.
It is the time when various imagination flashes across a head.

Tower of Yasaka of dusk

The Western-style shop is Japanese-style in some way

Neon signboard of a wine shop

The dentist is like that in Kyoto, too.

The appearance is Lawson of the Kyoto version