Dusk of Kyoto

Time to change at night from noon.
What will you express it with in English?
I am Japanese and say "Youguredoki".
However, I like expression to be called "the time when the devil shines".
A time before a good "night party" beginning from now on.
It is the time when various imagination flashes across a head.

Tower of Yasaka of dusk

The Western-style shop is Japanese-style in some way

Neon signboard of a wine shop

The dentist is like that in Kyoto, too.

The appearance is Lawson of the Kyoto version


  1. I just love all your photos here! They goes straight into heart and soul! / Jennie

  2. Nice Nob! I loved looking at all these .. very poetic! =)

  3. Thank you! Jennie&Grandma

    This photograph is just one copy of Kyoto.
    I like Kyoto.
    You come to like Kyoto by all means, too, and give me l.

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