bless the children

Earth, Wind & Fire " Devotion "

Thru devotion, blessed are the children
Praise the teacher, that brings true love to many
your devotion, opens all life's treasures
and deliverance, from the fruits of evil.
So our mission, to bring a melody,
ringin' voices sing sweet harmony

For you here's a song, to make your day brighter.
One that will last, you long thru troubled days.
Giving your heart the light to brighten.
All of the dark that falls in your way
You need devotion. bless the children
deliverance from the fruits of evil

In everyone's life, there's a need to be happy.
Let the sun shine, a smile your way.
Open your heart, feel a touch of devotion.
Maybe this song, will help uplift your day.

Make a better way
You need devotion

子供は愛され 祝福されている
たくさんの人を愛する 先生を讃えよう
君の献身は 人生を豊かにしてくれる
悪魔の果実から 君を助け出すんだ
だから我々の使命は 音楽をもたらすこと
素敵なハーモニーで 歌うこと

これは 君のための歌だよ
君の一日を 素晴らしくするための
ずっと続く歌 君がずっと求めてきた歌
君の心に 輝く光をもたらす歌
君には愛が必要だ 子供を祝福しよう
悪魔の果実から 君を助け出すんだ

どんな人の人生も 幸せになる必要がある
太陽の光と 笑顔を君のもとに
心を開いて 愛が触れるのを感じるんだ
この歌はきっと 君の一日を素敵にしてくれる



BVLGARI for world children


The contribution to society that BVLGARI works on.
A part of the proceeds of the ring is contributed.
Let's spread it together!
It is ... for world children.

・・・・ 2009年版 ・・・・ 2010年版 ・・・・・


Urban giraffe

A giraffe of the second of them emerged in Ginza
The place is a mini-showroom.

mini / swatch


Rolling Stones

I came across the container which carried a T-shirt of the Rolling Stones in a port in a certain summer afternoon.
I want to buy up one container!! (Laugh)


A guitar can cry

My theme song !?

ZZ Top - Rough Boy (1985)

What in the world's come all over me?
I ain't got a chance of one in three.
Ain't got no rap, ain't got no line
but if you'll give me just a minute I'll be feelin' fine.

I am the one who can fade the heat,
the one they all say just can't be beat.
I'll shoot it to you straight and look you in the eye.

Rough Boy 歌詞

So gimme just a minute and I'll tell you why
I'm a rough boy, I'm a rough boy.

I don't care how you look at me
because I'm the one and you will see
we can make it work, we can make it by.
So give me one more minute and I'll tell you why
I'm a rough boy, I'm a rough boy.


Tokyo Hot Summer !!

In Tokyo, intense heat of temperature 35 degrees continues every day.
However, I can feel the sea to be in a town and am happy.

at Harajuku